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Job Opening: Part-time Bookkeeper at Northwest Mediation Center
Posted: November 1, 2018


Northwest Mediation Center (NMC) is a small non-profit which offers mediation, mediator training and conflict management education.  As a state-sanctioned Dispute Resolution Center (under RCW 7.75), we provide mediation on a sliding scale in order to serve parties at all income levels.  NMC’s mission is to foster, provide and teach peaceful problem solving.  Our staff, board members and volunteers are an energetic, passionate group of individuals who are dedicated to helping build and maintain a just, peaceful, and productive community.  NMC is an equal opportunity employer.

The part-time bookkeeper works an average of 3-4 flexible hours per week; therefore, this position is well-suited to anyone looking for a source of secondary income, full-time students, retirees, etc.

Principle Responsibilities:

  • Keep financial records in order and current

  • Maintain records of receipts and expenditures acceptable for independent financial review or audit

  • Prepare payroll twice a month (5th and 20th of each month) for 5-6 employees

  • Prepare and submit monthly, quarterly and yearly tax reports and payments (state and federal)

  • Maintain bank records, pay bills and make deposits

  • Prepare invoices for accounts receivable, including clients, students and grantors

  • Keep executive director apprised of organization’s financial status on a regular basis

  • Prepare monthly business and non-profit financial statements for presentation to the board of directors

  • Work with executive director and board treasurer to prepare and monitor the organization’s yearly budget.

  • Keep all client information strictly confidential

Necessary Skills and Abilities:

  • Highest ethical standards

  • Excellent organizational skills and attentiveness to detail

  • Knowledge of generally accepted accounting practices

  • Experience with, and comfort using, QuickBooks

  • Comfort working with team members sharing a small workspace

  • Supportiveness for the organization’s mission, and a collaborative working environment

  • Compassionate regard for, and interaction with, clients, board, staff and partner organizations.

  • Flexible schedule

Compensation will be discussed with likely candidates. Posted October 22, 2018, the position will remain open until filled.

Please send a cover letter and resume to NMC Executive Director Leslie Ann Grove:

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