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Northwest Mediation Center

We foster, provide, and teach peaceful problem solving

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"I have a question about Eviction Resolution!"

(509) 456-0103 ext: 1

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"I have a question about general mediation services!"

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"I have a question about education services!"

(Sharing the Children seminar, Parent Connection, etc)

Phone: 509.456.0103 ext: 3

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Our current office hours are:

Tues-Fri, 10 AM-4 PM

NMC is a
Proud member of Resolution Washington
'ResWa' is a dynamic group of 21 non-profit, community Dispute Resolution Centers (DRCs) spread throughout Washing State.
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Northwest Mediation Center is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, authorized under RCW 7.75, The Court Improvement Act of 1984 for the purpose of providing alternative dispute resolution services without regard to a participant’s ability to pay. We offer mediator training and certification and conflict resolution education to the community.  Northwest Mediation Center also offers the court mandated co-parenting Seminar “Sharing the Children” to help parents address their children’s needs and interesting during and after separation, divorce, or other family changes.  Our mission is to foster, provide, and teach peaceful problem solving.

NMC is also proud to be a one of Resolution Washington's 21 designated 'Dispute Resolution Centers' (DRCs).

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NMC stands for this principle: Transparent, respectful dialogue can turn a destructive, or potentially destructive, conflict into productive collaboration toward peaceful problem-solving.  We urge you who are passionately engaged in the active pursuit of “liberty and justice for all” (regardless of your position on how to get there) to seek timely, strategic engagement in dialogue.  Seek dialogue before emotions have become so raw that intimidation, retribution and violence seem to be the only way to be heard.  

The trained mediators at NMC continue to offer our fellow citizens non-judgmental, impartial facilitation, for individuals or groups, to initiate and sustain respectful dialogue and peaceful problem-solving. 

Be well . . . 


Why Northwest Mediation Center is
important to the Inland Northwest
Northwest Mediation Center is a non-profit that enables and empowers thousands of people each year to take control of their lives, disputes and separations through mediation, education, and the promotion of peaceful problem-solving techniques.
We also provide training for community members interested in bringing these conflict resolution principles to their homes, workplaces and communities. Further, our sliding-fee scale allows all members of our community to access our services, regardless of financial situation. 
To hear about the impact of our programs, from the dedicated members of our Board of Directors, click the link below! 



  • Business to Business

  • Business Partners

  • Consumer Issues 

  • Contracts

  • Disputes With or Between Small Businesses

  • ​Divorce

  • Elder Issues (including Guardianship and Probate)

  • Extended Family Mediation

  • Family Mediation

  • Group Facilitation

  • Landlord/Tenant

  • Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation ~ On Referral from your housing counselor or your lawyer

  • Neighborhood

  • Parenting Plans/Residential Schedules

  • Parent/Teen Mediation

  • Workplace Mediation


Mediation Center

35 West Main, Suite 230

Spokane, WA 99201

Office Hours:

10 AM-4 PM, Tuesday-Friday

Mediations are by appointment only.

Classes require advance registration.

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Northwest Mediation Center

35 West Main, Suite 230

Spokane, WA 99201

Business Office Hours:

10 AM-4 PM, Tuesday-Friday

Mediations are by appointment only

Classes require advance registration

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General mediation

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