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Fall 2024 Basic Mediation Training (virtual):

Part I – September 20, 21, and 22

Part II - October 4, 5, and 6

Or call 509-456-0103 for questions &/or phone registration.

Leslie Ann GroveExecutive Director, Northwest Mediation Center
Northwest Mediation Center staff


Virtual via Zoom



Training is offered on two non-consecutive weekends for minimal interference with conventional work schedules.
Friday        1PM-5PM 
Saturday    9AM-6PM 
Sunday      9AM-6PM 
Participants must complete both weekends

Learn the basic art, craft, science, and ethics of facilitating peaceful conflict resolution.
Completion of Northwest Mediation Center’s 40-hour Basic Mediation course is the main prerequisite for entrance into the Practicum Program leading to Mediator Certification.

Who will benefit from this training?

Teachers – Counselors – Attorneys – Ministers – Social Workers
Human resource staff – Supervisors and Managers – Business Professionals
Customer Service and Sales Persons – Law Enforcement

Training content includes:

  • Convening skills – how to invite parties to the table

  • Conflict theory – how and why conflicts are born and grow

  • Conflict styles — analyzing approaches to conflict

  • Neutrality and Confidentiality — hallmarks of the process

  • Ethics, conflict resolution process, & techniques — helping parties craft resolutions

  • Agreement writing — helping parties memorialize their agreements

  • Mediation and the Law —

    • how laws affect mediation

    • and how mediated agreements affect litigation

  • Role plays — trying out new skills in mock mediation sessions

  • And much more!

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