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Behind on rent? The pipes aren’t fixed?  More people in the apartment than the lease allows?


When either the tenant or the landlord is unhappy about something the other one did (or didn’t do), litigation or formal eviction procedures are not the only ways.  In fact, an otherwise good relationship can be preserved, or a shaky one improved, by taking the problems to the mediation table, and letting a trained mediator help the parties talk it through to a resolution that works for both.  

If you are a landlord or a tenant who needs help navigating a dispute, please reach out to us about our free, voluntary, and confidential landlord-tenant mediation services. You can email for more information, or you can click the button below to request mediation now.

If you're not quite sure if mediation is for you, or if you have questions relating to landlord-tenant issues, you can call our landlord-tenant info line at 509-992-7162.

We cannot give legal advice, and we do not provide rental assistance, but we may be able to point you to resources that can help. If you need a translator, please let us know at the start of your call.

Please see for a current list of housing and other community resources.

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