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Note: Classes and trainings are currently in English only.

Offered 2-3 times per year

Learn the basic art, craft, science and ethics of facilitating peaceful conflict resolution. Special Benefit, if you get hooked: completion of Northwest Mediation Center’s 40-hour Basic Mediation Training course is the main prerequisite for entrance into the Practicum Program leading to Mediator Certification. More

Offered 1-2 times per year

Among topics covered are:

  • Parenting Plans and Residential Schedules

  • Dealing with asset and liability distribution

  • Addressing issues specific to family separations

  • Including issues for children in changing family environments

  • Advanced mediator techniques


Offered 4 times per month

Topics covered include:

  • The developmental stages of childhood

  • Stress indicators in children

  • Age-appropriate expectations of children

  • The impact of separation or divorce on children

  • The grief process

  • Reducing stress for children through an amicable separation or divorce

  • The long term impact of parental conflict on children

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