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Follow these easy steps to get started:


To prepare for your mediation intake process with Northwest Mediation Center (“NMC”),

please be ready with this information (all of which is kept confidential):

  • Your name, address, phone and email information

  • Contact information for the other parties

  • Your attorney's name (if you have one)

  • Your gross yearly income, for determination of your rate (see the 'Costs' section)

  • Dates or times, during regular business hours, when you could participate in mediation

  • What kind of conflict it is (for example, parenting plan, marriage dissolution,  landlord/tenant, business to business, etc.)


To request mediation, click the button below:


Call Northwest Mediation Center at 509-456-0103, or email us at, to begin the process and/or get more information.

If you have questions, you can fill out our contact form to get more information.


Note: Northwest Mediation Center does not provide legal advice.  NMC always recommends that each party consult an independent attorney regarding her/his legal rights and responsibilities, to help make fully-informed decisions in mediation.

Click on these links for some “independent study” legal information:

Washington Law Help and Moderate Means Washington

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