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Here’s how Mediation can help in many different situations


Housing Stability

The rent’s not paid?  The promised new carpet never happened?  More residents in the unit than the lease allows?  When either the tenant or the landlord is unhappy about something the other one did or didn’t do, formal eviction is not the only way. An otherwise good relationship can be preserved, or a shaky one improved, by taking the problems to mediation. Landlord-tenant mediation is currently free. Housing mediation can also be a solution for people who are experiencing housing issues that are not strictly landlord-tenant, like problems between tenants.



Going through a divorce is difficult and stressful.  The thought of taking personal issues to trial makes it so much worse.  Trained mediators at NMC work with both parties to resolve disagreements in a collaborative and peaceful manner.


Parenting Plans

Trained mediators at NMC assist divorced, divorcing and never-married parents in working together to develop a child-centered parenting plan. Whether you need to create a new parenting plan or update your current one, mediation provides a cooperative atmosphere to resolve your issues and move forward, focused on your children.



Whether you have a problem with the business next door, or you need to change a business partnership, mediation can help. A mediator can help you work through the issues so you can maintain good business and productive business relationships.


We can mediate business-to-business issues, business partnership issues, and consumer issues. You can come to mediation whether the issue has already been filed in court or not.


Elder Issues (including Guardianship and Probate)

Disputes about how to care for elderly family members, or disputes about how to distribute their assets when they’ve passed, can cause strife among family members. Mediation can help families make cooperative agreements to stop or prevent fights about elder issues.


Group Facilitation

Non-profits, schools, agencies, committees—whenever we join together, conflicts can pull us apart. Or, they can help us grow stronger, more united and better able to continue our good work.  When destructive conflict threatens to stop a group in its tracks, inviting a qualified mediator trained in group facilitation to the table—a BIG table—can be the starting point for growth in capacity and understanding. Even if your group is not in conflict, a trained group facilitator can help you put together a collaborative strategy for the future.



Problems with employees or bosses? Issues talking to your teen? Contract issues? Neighbor problems? Something else? If you have a conflict that’s not mentioned here, we can likely still mediate! Call us or send us a message to find out.


Language services

If you speak a different language than the person you have a dispute with, we can help. We have interpretation services at no additional cost. When you contact us, please tell us you’d like interpretation services and tell us your preferred language. 

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